Nova Kaeru has been extremely innovative by being the fist company in the world to create truly resistant “seamless” panels.

“Seamless Panels” (Kaeru Process ®)
Kaeru Process® This patented technology allows us to produce beautiful , “seamless”panels in large dimensions.
This pioneer technology and innovative concept is a novelty in the leather industry which now allowing small skins such as Ostrich legs and fish leathers to be transformed into large highly resistant panels, that are suitable for a wide range of applications that were not possible before.


Salmon Panel

Made from larger salmon leathers welded individually in a parallel format, producing these beautiful panel which is very resistant and ideal for manufacturing a wide range fine products such as fine bags , briefcases & purse, shoes and interior decoration.

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Ostrich Leg Panel

Our Ostrich leg panels value to beatify of the Ostrich leg leather and offer this exotic leather in a “seamless” panels which opens a world of new possibilities of design for this noble material.

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Pescada Amarela Panel

Pescada Panels  can be produced in two formats: “Parallel“ format where the fish leathers are welded paralleled and sold in rolls and charged by the linear meter with dimensions of minimum width of 0.60cm or in “trapezoidal format ” where fish leathers are cut into triangular shapes, and welded forming panels with free length and free widths and sold in rolls but charged in M2.

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