About Us

Nova Kaeru is a exotic bio leathers tannery , specialized in tanning fish, ostriches and caiman leathers. Located in the beautiful mountains region of the state of Rio de Janeiro in rural district of Bemposta about 90 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Our fiscal structure is unparalleled in the exotic leather sector in Brazil, offering industrial-scale production with craftsmanship and personalized finish.

Our core corporate values (DNA) are sustainability, technology and innovation as inspiration for a better life and better products. These values are present in all our industrial procedures and products.

Pioneering in organic tanning technology, we developed tanning methods which do not use heavy metals “chrome free” which we call “Bio leather”.

To highlights some of our innovative technologies is our “seamless” Panels (Kaeru ® Process) which allow us to produce large panels from Ostrich leg and fish leathers and our exclusive “Soft Touch” tanning developed to soften the osteoderm of caimans transforming stiff leather into very soft and malleable caiman leathers.



In the 90s, our technical director, Eduardo Filgueiras, began his studies and laboratory research to develop new techniques for leather tanning and leather welding, aiming to create seamless panels for small leathers that did not exist in the world.

Having started in the early days (90s) in a simple artisan manner focues on frog and fish (tilapia) leathers, by 2006 the small company at the time Kaeru had grown and become the main tanning of exotic leathers in South America and changed its name to NOVA KAERU, now with a industrial structure but always maintaining it’s artisan , handmade touch of tanning and welding.

Today Nova Kaeru is firmly run by its founder Mr. Eduardo Filgueiras, who’s hands on approach and passion for nature and social responsibility has lead the company towards the corporate strategic values of sustainability, technology and innovation as core values, present in our day to day and in all our products.