Bio Leathers

Bio Leathers

The rising global interest with environmental issues results from the fact that more people are realizing that technological advancement and deterioration of environment are linked.

Development and industrialization have occurred at the expense of the environment. Future (our children) generations are going to be affected should no serious action be taken, especially with respect to the use of natural resources.

Nova Kearu has developed its own organic, chrome free tanning technology , based on a blend of biodegradable acrylic resins, polymers, glutaraldehyde , synthetic & vegetable tannins which make a superior quality leathers free of heavy metals and environmentally safe.


Sustainability & Environment

Skins tanned by Nova Kaeru are sub-products of the food industry coming from sustainable management farms controled and regulated by IBAMA which is the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources.

Our philosophy is to recycle ! We take waste skins and transformed them into beautiful award wining exotic leathers that are extremely soft and durable and environmentally safe.

Our organic process allows for more natural and vivid colors fixing, adding value to the manufacturing of bags, belts, shoes, clothes , jackets and even bikinis as well as to the interior decoration market such as, wallpanels , upholstery, furniture finishes, and countless others.